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5 Top Website Trends for 2015

March 3, 2015 admin 0 Comments

With 2015 well and truly moving forward (March already?!), a new year often means a new start for most things, resolutions, hobbies, style, fashion and trends. But would you believe that website trends change over the year too? Let us take a look at some of the styles, designs and types of websites we can expect to see and use this year!

  1. Popular websites are now choosing responsive design

For individuals who are not familiar with the term ‘Responsive Web Design’ (or also know as RWD in the technology world) it is a specific approach to web design that is primarily aimed at producing websites to provide an overall better viewing experience. This includes easier navigation and reading and with the ability of resizing, scrolling, and panning, and across a wide variety of different platforms and devices (such as laptops, mobile phones, desktop computers and even tablets).

  1. Ghost buttons

Ghost buttons are seen as a prominent design element and feature in many themes, especially designer or developer related sites and it is exceptionally easy to see why. Ghost buttons are incredible basic in appearance but let us not forget stylish, and with their subtle hover animation (that can be rather addictive to play with) they are most certainly a delight to look at and use respectively. This particular trend is looking to continue throughout 2015 and shows no signs of slowing down in terms of its popularity – especially when we consider how well they work with large high quality background images or video. Nevertheless will discuss eyecatching images and videos a little later!

  1. 2015 is all about typography

Typically if a website is to use big, bold and beautiful fonts and typefaces a type-kit would first need to be purchased. Web type-kits have been known in the past to be incredibly expensive (for what they are), which means that a significant larger budget is required if your website is primarily typographic in design. This also sadly meant that that the little guys on a smaller budget often missed out (including WordPress users too). Nevertheless, in 2015 type-kits are slowly becoming far more affordable and easier to access. Some web type-kits are even free if you decide to use fonts from Google. This subsequently allows for more freedom for designers who are looking at producing heavy typographic designs on a smaller budget.

  1. Big, beautiful and bold background images & videos

One of the easiest ways to create a website that stands out of the crowd is by having its content displayed in a prominent way. This particular trend of having large high definition style backgrounds that either feature photographs or video clips is an amazing way to produce a website that screams “Look at me!”. This trend is also a great solution for photographers, or movie makers who wish to showcase their work in the background of their website. The whole concept doesn’t feel gimmicky and really provides an eye catching statement.

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  1. Clicking is a thing of the past

Inevitably the world of the mobile web technology isn’t going to be disappearing anytime soon and is continually growing and developing; often shaping and changing the way we browse. This means websites have had to adapt to this ever changing style of technology and to make browsing more enjoyable, the concept of scrolling seems to have completely dominated the aspect of clicking. Scrolling is far more intuitive than clicking and significantly cuts down on web page load times. Let’s not forget that it allows for dynamic interaction between the site and the user.

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