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5 Reasons Why Visual Branding is So Important

January 21, 2015 admin 0 Comments

As most companies and businesses know, it is important to generate a lasting impression on your desired target audience. This means making and choosing the right choices and decisions when it comes down to visual branding and identity. To help you take a closer look and fully understand why visual branding is so important, we have put together five simple key factors to help get you started:

  1. The importance of choosing the right brand name

Alright, so a brand name is not entirely or technically part of the overall visual design aspect and process in terms of brand identity, but the brand name should at least still be considered as a type of visual element. A brand name is not all about being easy to pronounce/read or sounding catchy. It should most importantly look right. You may be able to hire a very talented design team, but a poorly decided brand name can diminish the opportunity for a successful or visually pleasing brand identity.

  1. Produce and maintain a consistent visual style

When it comes down to your company’s brand, elements of it should be consistent and follow a visual style and design throughout. Nevertheless, some exceptions can be made when it comes down to advertising for certain campaigns, especially during notable holidays. However the overall identity of your brand should always remain uniform. This is why it is often recommended to develop a visual style guide to aid in maintaining consistency of your brands design.

  1. Develop a compelling and eye catching logo

Unarguably a company logo is the crown jewel when it comes to any sort of branding, says Gareth Bull of Bulldog Infographic Design Agency. Logos can quickly and easily speak volumes about your company, your services that you have to offer and even your mission statement. A business without a logo has a minimal chance of making an impression or any sort of impact on its potential customers. The logo is one of the most valuable and essential visual components of your company’s brand, so remember to keep your logo’s importance in mind when allocating a specific budget or when hiring design professionals.

  1. Pay great attention to your color palette


Colors are an integral part of your brand identity and recognition. Colors are known to influence our emotions and help by allowing us us distinguish between different and competing brands. With this information in mind, it’s important to carry out considerable amounts of research before choosing a color palette or primary color. Cadbury’s, (the United Kingdoms leading confectionery producers), believe that their brand color so fundamental to their brand identity that has their “Cadbury Purple” (Pantone 2685C) copyrighted.

  1. Choose appropriate and visually appealing typography and fonts

The characteristics of well presented typography and font can have a strong influence over individuals decisions to purchase a product. Font can also help to emphasize a particular brand message. Font and typeface can easily affect as to whether the right or wrong message is being projected. Poor choices can be catastrophic for a business, such as the playful font ‘Comic Sans’ wouldn’t be suitable for the image of a corporate company. The Lock Father are a great example of using quality branding in a slightly stagnant industry (branding wise!).

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