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4 Quick Tips For Designing Your Next Logo

February 2, 2015 admin 0 Comments

Whether you are kickstarting a new company or business, or perhaps you are looking to refresh your company’s branding; your company’s logo and brand is typically the first impression a potential customer or your target audience will have when it comes to your business, services or products. Choosing cheap designers or cutting corners when it comes to designing and developing your company’s logo can be devastating and can run the risk of significant amounts of loss of engagement with possible and potential customers.

A solid and memorable logo along with a strong brand is the best way of engaging with your customers and to persuade them involving themselves with your company’s services or products. The first impressions from a consumer primarily come through a visual angle. After all, a memorable and attractive logo and branding can simply and quickly strengthen your company’s overall image, promotes professionalism and demonstrates to your potential customers that you care and understand the importance of quality.

  1. Understanding logo simplicity

So you have a logo that looks fantastic on your official letterheads and business cards, but does it work just as well on social media and also your website? When it comes down to logo design it is important to keep it simple. It is important to think and consider where your logo may be featured – websites, business cards, mobile apps, vehicles and much more. The far simpler a logo, the likelihood of it sitting well on a number of different platforms is incredibly high. When designing your logo you must remember that it needs to look great across a wide range of different media. Don’t allow for your logo to conflict with the media that it is featured on.

  1. Logo colour is important

When choosing a colour for your logo it is recommended that you first consider what message your company is trying to portray across its potential customers. If your company is eco-friendly related, the colour green would be very suitable and relevant. Take time out to choose what colours would suit your company. Colours play a key role in the way your logo and brand is perceived by customers, with blue representing authority and responsibility. Hence why blue is most commonly found in insurance or investment branding.

Colours are incredibly easy to understand once you know. See below for a list of colours and their psychology attributes behind them:

  • Black: credible and powerful
  • Blue: professional, medical and trustworthy
  • Brown: rural, historical and rustic
  • Green: growth, organic and eco-friendly
  • Orange: creative, friendly and youthful
  • Pink: fun and flirty
  • Purple: spiritual, wise and evocative
  • Red: energetic, sexy and bold
  • White: simple, clean and pure
  • Yellow: happy, inventive and optimistic
  1. Choose your font wisely

If you are looking to use fonts such as Times New Roman, Comic Sans, or Arial, stop right there! Choose a font that is unique and original. A particular  font that allows your brand to appear unique means it will stand out positively. Avoid gimmicky fonts at all costs.

  1. Understand your brand before designing a logo

Your logo is supposed to introduce your products, company and brand to potential customers. So keep in mind what those three key factors are. It’s important not to overthink your logo or brand design. Logos that have a significant meaning is nice, but it may not be suitable. Logos should be clever, welcoming and easily understood by anyone.

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